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Steven McCaffery

Demographic trends point to seismic shifts in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland politics and the `Rule of 7'

03 APRIL 2014

MARKETING experts will tell you that potential customers have to hear something seven times before the message sinks in.

And the famous `Rule of 7’ has its place in politics too.

A series of big stories are starting to surface – they have been simmering below the surgace for a while, though they have never forced their way in to the popular consciousness.

But two developments over the last 24 hours suggest that could be about to change.

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Tony Benn

The late Tony Benn: remembered in Belfast

14 MARCH 2014

The late Tony Benn: remembered in Belfast

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Richard Haass made progress in NI, but time could deliver greater changes.

Northern Ireland politics is changing - but mum's the word

05 JANUARY 2014

Politicians and journalists are obsessed with numbers, especially when it comes to poring over opinion polls or election results - but the big story of the census is rarely mentioned.

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DUP leader Peter Robinson addresses his party conference

DUP knows Haass talks are important - but so are elections

24 NOVEMBER 2013

DUP knows Haass talks are important - but so are elections

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Peter Robinson, Richard Haass and Martin McGuinness at Stormont.

Can Stormont avoid the 'mother of all logjams’?

15 NOVEMBER 2013

DELAY has been a recurring feature of the Northern Ireland government led by the DUP and Sinn Féin. But the parties are now staring into the biggest backlog of work they have arguably ever faced.

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Every penny counts

Welfare reform - Stormont faces another maze

03 OCTOBER 2013

ROWS over flags and parades have poisoned the atmosphere in Northern Ireland for a year – but the impact of welfare cuts is the real political dynamite that could derail the Assembly if it is not handled with care.

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The Queen was hosted in Dublin by President Mary McAleese.

A northern vote for the next President of Ireland?


IT COULD be called the `Mary McAleese question’ – how can you be elected president of a State, yet be barred from voting for yourself?

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Stormont's Parliament Building

How Stormont works – or not


How Stormont works - or not

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A vehicle burns on Belfast's Royal Avenue as loyalists rioted over a republican parade.

Are London and Dublin getting away in the smoke?

29 AUGUST 2013

A RIOT in the centre of Belfast, tensions within unionism and splits in the power-sharing government have sparked speculation over the future direction of politics in Northern Ireland - but the British and Irish governments have been absent.

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A bodhrán being played at the Fleadh in Derry.

As the peace process struggles, why is Derry different?

19 AUGUST 2013

THE peace process is in crisis, power-sharing isn't working, the Assembly is doomed, it's been a deeply depressing summer: just some of the things you won't have heard in Derry over recent days.

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US Vice President Joe Biden

The US has stepped in to protect the peace process

05 AUGUST 2013

The US has stepped in to protect the peace process

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DUP leader Peter Robinson and TUV leader Jim Allister were at loggerheads

DUP pulling no punches to defend its name

08 JULY 2013

ON the hottest day of the year Stormont parties went toe-to-toe over what is arguably the most incendiary issue they face: money.

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Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama at Enniskillen integrated school

Did Cameron and Obama bottle or botch the schools' debate?

03 JULY 2013

AFTER escaping the flag crisis, and ahead of the looming marching season, it is incredible that we've somehow managed to squeeze in a divisive row about education - but it has probably left us back where we started.

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Baroness Nuala O'Loan launches a book on the `Disappeared' in Belfast's Lyric theatre.

The Disappeared – families still looking for their lost boys

21 JUNE 2013

It is hoped a new book will help secure information to find the last seven of the `Disappeared'.

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Riot scene

Our society needs `post-traumatic growth’

13 JUNE 2013

Experts from overseas will arrive in Northern Ireland this weekend with one question at the top of their agenda: how can we deal with the legacy of the Troubles?

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shared space
Reconciliation front page

Northern Ireland's (Truth) & Reconciliation Process?

21 MAY 2013

STORMONT'S latest debate on the past provided ample evidence as to why a truth and reconciliation process isn't going to happen any time soon - but can Sinn Féin's latest idea get traction?

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A Union flag behind fencing at Belfast City Hall during protests over the flying of the emblem.

Loyalists trying to avoid history’s traditional route

17 MAY 2013

OVER two days The Detail's Steven McCaffery attended separate debates on Northern Ireland's future - one involving politicians at Stormont, the other including loyalists at a resource centre for the unemployed.

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UKIP Assembly member David McNarry and his party leader Nigel Farage at Stormont.

Maybe Stormont shouldn’t say "so what?" to UKIP rise

13 MAY 2013

FRESH from its success in England, the UK Independence Party says it is planning to field 30-40 candidates in Northern Ireland’s local government elections next year - but its real significance is its influence on Britain's Conservatives.

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First and Deputy First Ministers outline shared future proposals

Back to the future?

09 MAY 2013

STORMONT'S political leaders have often been accused of turning the clock back - but this time it is at least in a good cause - the delivery of a shared future strategy.

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A protest at Belfast City Hall over restrictions placed on flying the Union flag.

Is the flag row running out of political steam?

02 MAY 2013

THE final legal steps are being taken to set Belfast's new political boundaries - but it will also draw a line under the campaign to permanently restore the city hall's Union flag.

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