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Maíria Cahill confirms she was National Secretary of dissident republican political group RNU, but opposed violence. Says leak is smear bid.

Maíria Cahill confirms she was in dissident republican political group but opposed violence

26 OCTOBER 2014


MAÍRIA Cahill, who has demanded Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams resign over claims of a cover-up of her alleged rape and subsequent interrogation by the IRA, has confirmed she briefly held a senior role in a dissident republican political group.

In documentation from 2010 that allegedly came from an ard chomhairle meeting of the Republican Network for Unity (RNU) obtained by The Detail, Ms Cahill was named as Secretary of the political organisation, which since then has been linked to the dissident paramilitary faction Óglaigh na hÉireann (ONH).

There is no allegation linking Ms Cahill to violent or illegal activity, but more than 24 hours after the contents of the document were referred to her by The Detail, Ms Cahill released a statement confirming she held the role but rejecting any allegation of support for violence.

She said: "I was indeed the National Secretary of RNU – for a period of a few hours in 2010, until I resigned the position.

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Joseph Rainey was 20-years-old when he was sent to Hydebank Wood Young Offenders Centre
Joseph Rainey was 20-years-old when he was sent to Hydebank Wood Young Offenders Centre

Family challenge prison service over son's death

22 OCTOBER 2014


PRISON authorities were warned by police about the fragile mental state of a young inmate only hours before a suicide bid that later claimed his life.

Police records seen by The Detail state that 20-year-old Joseph Rainey was “suicidal” and “had depression” before being handed over to Hydebank Wood Young Offender’s Centre, but within hours he was rushed to hospital with life threatening injuries

His family are now demanding to know whether prison authorities could have done more to prevent his death.

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School assessment map

Thousands of pupils fail key literacy and numeracy targets

08 OCTOBER 2014


THE percentage of children achieving key literacy and numeracy targets in Northern Ireland’s post-primary schools varies widely with less than a third of pupils achieving expected levels in some non-grammars, The Detail can reveal today.

Using data provided by the Department of Education, we tracked the academic achievements of 22,700 schoolchildren as they progressed through their post-primary education in Northern Ireland.

Our investigation looked at the pupils’ Primary 7 assessment results in literacy and numeracy, the outcome of further assessment at the end of Year 10 (their 3rd year in post-primary) and, finally, the same pupils’ GCSE results in 2013.

We are publishing statistics for 195 schools – 64 grammars and 131 non-grammars.

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Margaret front page
Margaret front page

Services cut for over 3,000 Troubles victims as Stormont crisis deepens

03 OCTOBER 2014


THE government organisation that supports victims of the Troubles in Northern Ireland has written to more than 3,000 people wounded and traumatised by violence to say they will lose support because of government cuts.

The Victims and Survivors Service confirmed it issued the letters to warn that its support is being reduced or deferred after its budget was cut by Stormont.

Today two bomb victims, one blinded in a blast and another who lost both her legs, tell The Detail how they must now choose which vital services they can afford and which they cannot.

But the new restrictions on victims come as the entire infrastructure created to deal with the legacy of the Troubles in Northern Ireland is facing crisis, with the four key institutions now under unprecedented pressure.

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