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New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli

DUP criticises major US investor over Fair Employment remarks

25 NOVEMBER 2014


THE DUP has hit out at a major United States investor over his suggestion that inequality between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland still needs to be monitored.

New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli spoke out during a wide ranging visit to Northern Ireland where he met business leaders, Stormont politicians and victims of the Troubles.

As New York State Comptroller Mr DiNapoli oversees the $176.8 billion New York State Common Retirement Fund, representing one of the largest institutional investors in the world.

But he angred the DUP when he underlined the continuing importance of the MacBride Principles, which first emerged in the 1980s to steer US investment in Northern Ireland towards businesses that showed rigorous commitment to fair employment between Catholics and Protestants.

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The script report front page

New data shows Northern Ireland is a world leader in prescription drug use

17 NOVEMBER 2014

NORTHERN Ireland has one of the world’s highest prescription rates for antidepressant medicines according to new research, but fresh questions have emerged over what may be driving the trend.

The analysis, carried out for The Detail and entitled ‘The Script Report’, examined 36 million prescription records from across the UK, including 3.5 million prescriptions written by GPs in Northern Ireland.

It is the first time such prescription records have been released and while they do not identify individual patients, the raw data provided the basis for an international comparison to be carried out.

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Almost two tonnes of metal has been collected from Roselawn Crematorium since 2010

Jewellery, metal hips, gold teeth – why were families not told of cremation recycling scheme?

12 NOVEMBER 2014


ALMOST two tonnes of metal has been collected from the ashes of cremated bodies in Northern Ireland over the last four years as part of a recycling scheme, but bereaved families were not told, The Detail can reveal.

Precious metals including jewellery, gold teeth and fillings, as well as metal hips and nails from coffins are routinely collected from the site of Northern Ireland’s only crematorium in a process that began in 2010.

The materials are shipped to the Netherlands where a specialist company sorts the metals, with some being re-used in the construction of objects as diverse as road signs and aircraft engines.

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"Any type of crime can severely impact on a person’s sense of safety"

What crimes have been reported close to where you live or work?

07 NOVEMBER 2014


OVER 3,050 violent or sexual crimes were reported to the police across Northern Ireland in just one month of this year – equivalent to 102 incidents per day.

The offences include common assaults, grievous bodily harm and sexual offences.

The Detail has mapped all of the crime and anti-social behaviour incidents reported to the PSNI during September of this year. A total of 14,577 were recorded.

Only around a half of crimes are thought to be reported to the police so this only a snapshot of the total crime which takes place in reality.

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